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Bradford Locksmith Residential Service

I came home from work the other day to find that my lock had been tampered with. It didn’t look like anyone was in my home, but I still called Bradford Locksmith out to change my locks right away. The technician was super nice and walked me through an entire home security inspection after my lock change service to help me feel more at ease. Thank you!

Amanda Washington
Bradford Locksmith emergency service available 24/7

Bradford Locksmith Emergency Service

I locked my keys in my car right as I was getting ready to leave my house for an interview. My girlfriend had a spare, but she was out of town that day, so I was stuck. I called Bradford Locksmith since they’re known for their emergency locksmith services, and I’m so glad I did. The tech came out to me extremely fast and got my car open even faster. I wasn’t even late for my interview. Thanks so much!

Langley Micah

Bradford Automotive Locksmith Service

Of course as I was sitting in the freezing cold parking lot at the mall was when my ignition refused to turn over. I called the auto locksmith team at Bradford Locksmith and they were able to provide me with a service estimate and their ETA over the phone. Thankfully, the technician showed up quickly and immediately got to work on repairing my ignition. He ended up having to do an ignition replacement service, but worked quickly and the price was reasonable. Thanks for helping me.

Kyara Rich

Commercial Locksmith Bradford Service

Unfortunately I just had to let some of my employees go, so I was looking to get my locks re-keyed on my business. I called Bradford Locksmith and the whole process was so quick and easy. The technician came out and met me at my office at my earliest convenience and performed the re-key job effortlessly. He even provided me a few extra sets of keys. I’m so happy to know there’s a local Bradford commercial locksmith I can count on.

Pete Smythe
Bradford Locksmith commercial service available 24/7

Bradford Locksmith Motorcycle Service

Right after getting all suited up to go on a bike ride, I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. I called Bradford Locksmith for a motorcycle key replacement service and they were a joy to work with. They gave me a service estimate and connected me with a technician who was on his way out to help me immediately. When he arrived he was pleasant and worked fast. My keys work great and the service was affordable, thank you!

Lauren Pinkton
Bradford Locksmith Car Key Service available 24/7


I’m probably one of the most forgetful people you’ll ever meet. I’m always misplacing my keys and wallet, but I usually end up finding them after a few hours of searching. Well yesterday I searched the entire day into today trying to find my car keys and eventually had to accept that they were really lost. I called Bradford Locksmith for a car key replacement service, and they came out and provided me with a new key and a spare at a discounted price. Hopefully I don’t lose both of these keys, but if I do, at least I can count on Bradford Locksmith to be able to assist me.

Tommy Nunez